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Replacement Woodstove Catalyst

Close-up photo of the Condar logo etched onto a combustorMaximize the warmth of your catalytic woodstove with an American-made replacement catalyst from Condar, the catalyst experts. We make catalysts for all makes and models of wood-burning stoves..

Every Condar catalyst is carefully
fabricated to precise dimensions in our
North Carolina factory.
All Condar catalysts are made of high-quality materials and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Combustors on the market vary in quality, even those that pass EPA emissions tests.  Condar achieves maximum quality two ways:

    (1) Platinum / palladium "loading" on the honeycomb that doesn't skimp on these expensive precious metals. These elements are what accomplish the job of chemical catalysis, reducing emissions and giving yielding more heat from your woodstove.
    (2) Honeycombs of highly-durable ceramic or steel that stand up to the very high temperatures of stoves. A well-functioning honeycomb doesn't clog or crumble when you burn good dry wood.

Condar®  brand stands for catalyst quality. Every Condar combustor is clearly branded, and comes in packaging which clearly states your catalyst was produced in Condar's factory.

  • If you don't order your replacement catalyst from this factory-direct site, be certain the reseller's shipment is genuine Condar by carefully inspecting the product and packaging.
  • Ceramic-honeycomb Condar combustors "canned" are clearly etched "Condar" on the stainless steel can.
  • STEELCAT™  combustors are wrapped with black tape, the trade dress exclusive to genuine Condar steel-honeycomb combustors.
  • Order your Condar catalyst with the confidence that you're helping to preserve air quality and supporting American manufacturing. To speak with a customer service representative, please call Monday-Friday 8-5 Eastern Time at (828) 894-8383 and dial extension 246. Or e-mail Natasha Morales and she'll get back to you.

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