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Other Condar Products

Condar is a respected leader in the hearth industry and has been in business almost four decades. We are a traditional American company that doesn't rely on off-shore sourcing or foreign labor. The secret of our success is quality workmanship using the best raw materials available.

Besides replacement catalysts, Condar also offers other top-quality American-made products, as well as worthwhile investments to make your woodstove work better and help you enjoy the wood-heating experience more.

These help you maintain and extend the life of your catalyst.

The stylish Watchman sets the standard for dependable temperature monitoring.

This supplies vital make-up air to improve your woodstove or fireplace's performance.

This makes bringing in wood from outside easier!

These are made in our North Carolina factory to last with washable, durable polyester.

These are made of the highest-quality polyester and are ideal for carrying wood or gardening.

The patented spout design directs steam outward into the room.

These scents fill your house with fragrance.

These high temperature meters help conserve wood and avoid creosote.

These thermometers can increase safety and efficiency on stovepipes.

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