“My new SteelCat activates much faster than the original ceramic combustor. Now, I can use my DutchWest stove at a lower, more comfortable temperature. Makes for a nice even burn.”
William Crachy,
Mishawaka, Indiana



The option to upgrade your ceramic The option to upgrade your ceramic CC-001 combustor to SteelCat is available only by ordering direct from Condar's factory. Advanced technology offers you:

  • A more durable honeycomb. Can't crack or crumble, even at highest operating temperatures.
  • Less build-up of wood ash, within the honeycomb cells. Sharp steel edges actually "cut" ash as it goes up the flue. Better air flow, less cleaning maintenance.
  • Lower "light-off" temperature. Engage your draft bypass at 100 degrees lower temperature than with ceramic honeycomb.
  • Steel heats up faster than ceramic. Recovers more usable heat from wood smoke.

Achieve optimal performance from your woodstove with premium quality SteelCat Combustors by Condar. A smart investment (only $49 more for the CS-001 upgrade) that will help you save on maintenance and fuel costs over time. Made in USA.

CS-001 6-inch x 2-inch with CatGard gasket


SteelCat CS-001 Combustor
CS-001 6-inch x 2-inch Round SteelCat Combustor
Shipping Weight            9 .lbs

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“We started heating with wood in 2006. Four years later, the original catalytic combustor in our Dutchwest stove was noticeably less efficient. So, we purchased a SteelCat combustor from Condar for the next season, and the improvement was immediate. We used less wood and stayed warmer all winter. You guys do a great job!”

KC Ellis,
Apalachin, New York