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Advantages of STEELCAT™ Catalysts

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  • A more durable honeycomb that will not crack
    or crumble, even at the highest operating temperatures.
  • Less build-up of wood ash within the honeycomb cells. Sharp steel edges actually "cut" ash as it goes up the flue which creates better air flow and requires less maintenance.
  • Lower "light-off" temperature. You can engage your draft bypass at 400°F (204°C) vs. 500°F (260°C) with a ceramic honeycomb.
  • Steel heats up faster than ceramic so it recovers more usable heat from wood smoke.


Q. Does the steel heat up faster for greater efficiency? Can I disengage my bypass sooner?
A. Yes, the steel catalyst "lights-off" earlier, you can engage your draft bypass at 400°F (204°C) which is 100°F (38°C) sooner than a ceramic catalyst can be engaged.

Q. Why are the STEELCAT™ cells smaller than the ceramic honeycomb cells?
A. Because the steel cell walls can be thinner than ceramic walls, your performance is better. More catalyst is exposed to smoke coming up your chimney which means more heat is generated.

Q. Do STEELCAT™ catalysts last longer than ceramic catalysts?
A. No. Like with ceramic catalysts, the catalyst metals eventually wears out. After several years you'll notice gradually decreased heat from your woodstove, increasing chimney creosote, and dark smoke from your chimney.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I have to tell you, my new STEELCAT™ catalyst has already paid for itself. I had another brand catalyst in my Consolidated Dutchwest for several years, and didn't realize how much better my stove could perform until installing a STEELCAT™ ." -; Sugar Grove, West Virginia
"STEELCAT™ is giving me longer and cleaner burns with either spruce or birch, and my Dovre stove has never worked better, even when it was new in '92." -; Anchorage, Alaska
"Very nice product, my woodburner is performing like it's new again. Thanks!" -; Cincinnati, Ohio
"After installing a new STEELCAT Catalyst in my Encore, I've noticed that my stove stabilizes at a lower temperature, so it's no longer necessary to make the room too hot. Now I'm getting longer burn times, and using less wood!" -; Santa Rosa, California

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