Dear Catalytic Woodstove owner,

Condar Company offers Vermont Residents a $25 rebate on your purchase of a new catalytic combustor purchased between March 9 and April 30, 2009 when you ship the old catalyst to our factory in North Carolina for recycling.

State of Vermont will add $75 incentive for your change-out, if you include a Vermont State voucher, and include it with your old combustor you ship to our factory.  The quantity available of these vouchers is limited, and you must first obtain one by phoning Vermont Air Pollution Control Division toll free at 888-520-4879  or e-mail

Here’s what you need to do:

Go to and find the catalyst that’s right for your woodstove, and order at the regular price between March 9 and April 30, 2009 using your credit card


Call Condar Company’s factory at (828) 894-8383 extension 232, Monday-Friday 8 – 5
and talk with the customer service representative.  You can order your combustor using your credit card, C.O.D., or pay by personal check.

When your new catalytic combustor arrives, install it in place of your old combustor.  Use the box and packing materials to ship the old combustor to Condar’s factory, along with one copy of the paid invoice.  Within 30 days after receiving your old combustor, Condar will remit your $25 rebate to the credit card account you used to buy the combustor.  If you paid by check or C.O.D. we’ll mail you a $25 check.

If you include the State of Vermont voucher along with your old combustor, Condar will send you the $75 incentive as well.  NOTE:  A Vermont voucher MUST be included along with the old combustor.  Condar recommends you obtain your voucher before purchasing your new combustor, because the quantity available is limited.  We cannot guarantee you’ll be able to get one before budgeted State funds are expended.

            Terms and Restrictions

This offer is valid for combustor purchases at Retail Price.

Orders at dealer discounts, warranty pro-rata, or other discounts are not valid.

Order for new (change-out) combustor must be received at Condar’s factory between March 9 and April 30, 2009.  Refunds for catalysts purchased prior to March 9 are not eligible.

Credit card account or personal check must show a valid Vermont address.

Shipping must be to a Vermont address.

Applicant for $25 Condar rebate must be at the same delivery address to which the new combustor was sent.

Your returned combustor may be broken, damaged, or worn out.   It doesn’t need to be in working order or salvageable, but it must be the same size combustor as your replacement.

The old combustor can be any brand.

Old combustors will be recycled immediately, and cannot be returned.

Shipping cost to Condar’s factory in North Carolina is at your expense.  You may ship via US Mail, FedEx, United Parcel Service, or any other carrier.  We will not accept C.O.D. under any circumstances. 

We will accept your old combustor for rebate between March 16, 2009 and June 16, 2009.

If you’re unable to install your replacement combustor, and require assistance of a service professional, please contact your local woodstove retailer or certified chimney sweep direct.  Condar does not authorize, endorse, or recommend particular installers.  Their service charges will not be reimbursed by Condar.

Replacement combustors purchased from stores or chimney sweeps aren’t eligible for the Condar $25 factory rebate.

New combustors ordered in error (wrong size or specifications) may be returned for full credit, provided they’re received back at Condar’s factory unused and undamaged.  Return shipping cost is responsibility of the customer.

Rebate and incentive checks will be mailed only to the same address as the check used to pay for the new combustor.  Refunds to credit cards will only be made to the identical credit card account used to pay for the new combustor.

Your new combustor comes with a full five-year warranty against failure and performance guarantee.  Consult for full warranty details.  After installing your new combustor you may register your warranty on-line or return a filled-out Warranty Card along with your old combustor. 



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