DutchWest Combustor Guide

Prior to ordering a new combustor for your DutchWest woodstove, remove the old combustor and verify the dimensions to ensure that you are ordering the correct size. Note: The dimensions of Condar combustors may differ slightly from the existing combustor in your stove. Keep in mind that unless these dimensions differ significantly, stove performance will not be impacted.

Models Adirondack, Federal/Airtight, Rocky Mountain, Seneca,
Sequoia (post 1989), X-Large, 224 Small, 2460, 2461, 2462, 264 Large,
& 288 Extra Large

Item # CC-001 (ceramic): $129.00 Item # CS-001 (SteelCat upgrade): $176.00
Measures 6 inches in diameter by 2 inches thick, wrapped in a stainless steel can with flange. Measures 6 inches in diameter by 2 inches thick. Click here to learn about the advantages of steel.

Model Sequoia (pre 1990)

Item # CC-100 (ceramic: $202.00 Item # CS-100 (SteelCat upgrade): 219.00
Measures 7 inches diameter by 2 inches thick, wrapped in a stainless steel can. Measures 7 inches diameter by 2 inches thick. Click here to learn about the advantages of steel.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"We started heating with wood in 2006. Four years later, the original catalytic combustor in our Dutchwest stove was noticeably less efficient. So, we purchased a STEELCAT combustor from Condar for the next season, and the improvement was immediate. We used less wood and stayed warmer all winter. You guys do a great job!" -KC Ellis; Apalachin, New York

"My new STEELCAT activates much faster than the original ceramic combustor. Now, I can use my DutchWest stove at a lower, more comfortable temperature. It makes for a nice even burn." -William Crachy; Mishawaka, Indiana

"My new combustor arrived very securely packaged, which is reassuring for any ceramic item having to endure the rigors of shipping. Better yet, it works exactly as advertised. I replaced the old combustor in my Dutchwest Stove in about 20 minutes, and that night had the hottest fire of the winter. Thinking about ordering two more just to have on hand for future use." -Jeremy L. Woodrow; Juneau, Alaska

Canned Combustors and Gasket

All these stoves use "canned" combustors, that is, they are banded first in expanding CatGard gasket and then in stainless steel. Canned combustors generally do not need additional gasket, but our 6-inch round CC-001 comes wrappped with extra gasket outside the can at no extra charge. If your combustor needs extra gasket between the combustor and the stove, order additional gasket here.


To learn more about DutchWest stoves and fireplace inserts, click here.

We market replacement catalytic combustors and CatGard gasket, but do not offer other replacement parts for DutchWest.

If an error is discovered in this information, or you have additional helpful information about the installation of replacement catalytic combustors in your woodstove, please feel free to contact Carolyn Greene, Plant Manager at Condar's factory in North Carolina.

© Condar Company. All rights reserved. Images of combustors © Condar Company. Images of stoves © their respective manufacturers, used herein for consumer reference only. Prices and specifications subject to change.

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