Jøtul Combustor Guide

In the 1990s Jøtul USA was a pioneer in catalytic woodstove technology and several good models were manufactured. Many of these wood-burning stoves are still in use today, although Jøtul has discontinued all versions with catalysts.

The Condar factory in North Carolina still manufactures replacement combustors for catalytic Jøtul stoves, allowing homeowners to get the full warmth out of their woodstoves. Two of the combustors are very unusual.


Jøtul Models - Firelight, Alpha, Series 8 and 8AP, 3TDIC-2 and 3TDIC-2AP

The big, traditional-styled Jøtul Firelight and the contemporary design Jøtul Alpha woodstove uses a Condar Combustor Number CC-552. This is four inches wide, seven inches long, two inches thick. It has 25 cells per square inch and is canned. Condar suggests you order a replacement expanding gasket along with combustor CC-552. Order gasket (Gasket page opens in a new window)

Note: Firelight models manufactured today by Jøtul don't use catalytic technology.


Jøtul Models - Firelight, Alpha, Series 8 and 8AP

The "Jøtul 8TDC" has a right hand draft bypass and requires a combustors that is four inches wide, seven inches long, two inches thick. It has 25 cells per square inch and has a special flanged canned. It may be neccessary to order extra gasket with CC-551 for your installation of the combustor. Order gasket (Gasket page opens in a new window)

Condar Combustor Number CC-551


Jøtul Models - 8, 8C and Series 3 Models

The earliest Jøtul 8 and 8C models with draft wheel used round catalytic combustors. Some of these were retrofitted. The combustor is six inches round, two inches deep, with a special rig for rotating the combustor. Condar is still fabricating this product and you should order combustor CC-007 to receive this welded assembly around your combustor, for fitting into your Jøtul stove.

Note: Combustor required for a Jøtul Model 3TDIC may be this round, rotating combustor or may be an internal catalyst for the Jøtul 3TDIC-2. Simply replace whichever you already have with the equivalent unit from Condar.



If an error is discovered in this information, or you have additional helpful information about the installation of replacement catalytic combustors in Jøtul woodstoves, please feel free to contact Carolyn Greene, Plant Manager at Condar's factory in North Carolina.

Prices and specifications subject to change.

Text Copyright, Condar Company, Columbus, North Carolina. Images of combustors Copyright Condar Company. All rights reserved.

Images of discontinued Jøtul wood stoves Copyright Jøtul USA, used herein for consumer reference only.


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"Condar's replacement catalytic combustor restored my Jøtul stove to its original capability, allowing me to heat my 2100 square foot home without using another heat source."

Charles Ray,
Black Mountain,
North Carolina