Stovepipe thermometers

  • Zoomed in shot of Condar Chimgard stovepipe thermometer installed on stovepipe

Magnetic surface thermometers are ideal for single-wall stovepipes; no installation required.

If you have a double-wall stovepipe you need the stovepipe probe thermometer for accurate temperature readings.

Condar Chimgard stovepipe thermometer for wood stoves

ChimGard™ stovepipe thermometer

Magnetic surface thermometer specially calibrated to measure temperatures on single-wall stovepipe. Shows safe flue temperatures at a glance. Rich black porcelain enamel with classic design featuring yellow, orange, and red temperature zones. Rugged steel case for long life. Made in USA.

stovepipe surface meter price order
ChimGard thermometer $21.50

Condar Woodsaver stovepipe thermometer for wood stoves

WoodSaver™ thermometer

Black aluminum with silver dial and red pointer. Temperature zones indicated for too cool (Creosote), Best Operation, and overheating (Wasting Fuel). The WoodSaver stovepipe thermometer is not intended for stovetop or the hotter surfaces of a fireplace insert. Made in USA.

stovepipe surface meter price order
WoodSaver thermometer $16

Condar's Fluegard thermometer for double-wall stovepipes.

Fluegard stovepipe probe thermometer

Condar’s superior USA-manufactured three-layer probe: high-temp formula steel core for long life, clad with pure copper for fast conductivity, chrome-plated to resist corrosion. The durable black porcelain enamel shows temperature inside the flue pipe at a glance. The 4 inch stem is engineered to accurately measure temperatures up to 1700℉, for any diameter flue pipe up to 8 inches. Rugged steel case. Mounts easily through a 1⁄4 inch hole. Magnet and eyelet included. Made in the USA.

stovepipe probe meter price order
FlueGard™ thermometer $28