About our CatGard™ Gaskets

Important: Most catalytic woodstoves do NOT require additional gasket material when you install a new catalyst. Only use Condar CatGard™ gasket if your stove's original catalyst installation included gasket material.

CatGard expanding gasket Your catalyst installation doesn't have to be airtight to achieve optimal operation. Be wary of using CatGard™ if your original catalyst did not include it. Using gasket improperly risks serious damage to your woodstove and your new catalyst.

How does it work?

The golden flecks you see in CatGard™ are mineral mica, which expand rapidly when exposed to exhaust gases in a woodstove. Once heated, CatGard can expand to twice its original thickness. The expanding gasket assures that smoke will pass through the cells of the catalyst.

Installing New Catalyst Gaskets

Expanded gasket is fragile and may crumble when handled so it may need to be replaced more frequently than the catalyst. Install your new gasket when the stove is cold and keep in mind it's okay if the new gasket material doesn't completely fill the cavity so long as the catalyst fits snugly.

Uncanned Catalysts

Catalysts that do not have a stainless steel "can" must be installed with gasket. Uncanned Condar® brand catalysts are wrapped with CatGard™ expanding gasket at no extra charge. The factory ships the correct gasket already in place, with masking tape to hold it in the proper position during installation. It isn't necessary to remove the masking tape; the tape will safely burn off the first time the catalyst is activated by heat.

Canned Catalysts

Woodstoves with canned catalysts most often do not require additional gasket outside the can for a good fit inside the stove.

Note: The canned 7 inch (17.78 cm) catalyst and 6 inch (15.24 cm) round catalysts, both ceramic and steel models, routinely require an outer gasket so an outer gasket wrap is attached at no extra charge.

Ordering Gasket

Order your gasket here (standard or extra-thick).

CatGard™ is a trademark of Condar Company, Columbus, North Carolina, USA.

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