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CatGard™ Expanding Gaskets for catalytic combustors

Condar uses CatGard gaskets when needed, in manufacturing high-quality Condar® catalysts for woodstoves.

Golden flecks of mineral mica throughout the spongy CatGard material expand rapidly when heated and when exposed to steam. Material maintains its expanded size, even after cooling. CatGard should never be used for other woodstove applications! Other types of gaskets are correct for doors, etc.--consult your stove dealer or chimney sweep.

Ceramic combustors, with stainless steel "cans" surrounding the catalyst, have CatGard expanding gasket inside the can to guarantee a continuing tight fit of ceramic honeycomb inside the steel "can." This may cause the stainless steel to bulge out slightly after use in your stove.

When installing a replacement combustor, always allow a visible expansion joint between the catalyst and the stove housing, whether your replacement is ceramic or SteelCat™.

Don't "pack" your replacement combustor into the stove housing with CatGard or any other kind of exterior gasket. If installed with no visible expansion joint, your combustor is subject to premature fracturing and overheating of stove components. Unneeded tight gaskets make the combustors difficult to remove. Clean off the residues from old gaskets and save money and effort in the future by "installing clean."

During catalytic reaction, your combustor reaches 1500℉ (the top end of efficient operation), and can even achieve almost 2000℉ when overfired. Use a catalytic monitoring thermometer to avoid temperatures above 1500℉ to preclude overfiring and to preserve the integrity of your combustor.

CatGard expanding gasket

Condar's 6-inch round "canned" gaskets, both SteelCat and ceramic, are sold with an extra exterior gasket wrapped around the gasket. This is because these round gaskets were sometimes used on early catalytic woodstoves where the receptacle is too large. Don't use the extra exterior gasket if, when you install, you don't see an expansion joint.

If your ceramic combustor is "uncanned," do use the gasket provided, but don't order an extra gasket to "pack" it. These uncanned catalysts with gasket provided have masking tape to hold it in position; it isn't necessary to remove masking tape for installation. The tape will safely burn off when the catalyst is heat-activated.

If it's really necessary to use extra expanding CatGard gasket for your installation,

CatGard™ is a trademark of Condar Company, Columbus, North Carolina, USA.

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