Aluminum humidifiers

  • Blue Condar aluminum humidifier with steam graphic to simulate how water evaporates
  • Close-up view of chrome handle on Condar blue kettle
  • Close-up view of brass handle on Condar alumimum humidifier
  • Brass handle and front of black Condar wood stove aluminum humidifier

  • made of hand-cast recycled aluminum
  • rust and crack resistant
  • specially designed to propel steam outward
  • only 5 inches (13 cm) deep
  • large enough to hold 2 quarts (2 liters) of water
  • made with a unique swivel-open lid
  • highly durable and easy to clean
  • Glacier Blue or Matte Black
  • made by American artisans
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Graphic of Condar half kettle showing dimensions of half kettle and handle
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Glacier Blue
chrome handle
Matte Black
brass handle
Matte Black
chrome handle

Aluminum Humidifier and StoveScents bundles

Blue Condar aluminum humidifier and six stovescents options

Condar’s Aluminum Humidifiers and StoveScents combinations are a great way to freshen your home while using your wood stove. StoveScents™ mix nicely in water, having been originally formulated to work with Aluminum Humidifiers, and only a few drops leave your house smelling wonderful for hours.

You can add as much StoveScents to your humidifier as you want, but we recommend starting with only a few drops. Each StoveScent comes with a convenient dropper lid so you can easily control the amount you add. Keep in mind, heated the fragrant oils' scent can become stronger.

Our gift bundles are perfect for every occasion! Great introductory pack - for you or a friend to try all five lovely scents and an Aluminum Humidifier. To learn more about Condar StoveScents check them out at

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Special gift package
Glacier Blue humidifier,
five StoveScents