Englander Stoves Combustor Guide

Prior to ordering a new combustor for your Englander woodstove, remove the old combustor and verify the dimensions to ensure that you are ordering the correct size. Note: The dimensions of Condar combustors may differ slightly from the existing combustor in your stove. Keep in mind that unless these dimensions differ significantly, stove performance will not be impacted.

Englander Stoves — 22 PIC 89+, 24 FC 89+, 24 IC, 28 CC 89+, 28 IC 89+, 28 JC 89+

Englander stoves manufactured after 1989, require the CC-001 combustor. 6 inch by 2 inch wrapped in a stainless steel can and extra CatGard gasketing.

Item # CC-001 (ceramic): $129.00 Item # CS-001 (steel): $176.00

Englander Stoves Manufactured before 1989

All the pre 1989 models (except the 18PC model manufactured before 1989) require a combustor that is 5.7 inches round by 2 inches thick, with 25 cells per square inch, wrapped with CatGard Gasket, uncanned (no stainless steel wrapping).

Item # CC-002 (ceramic): $118.00

Englander Stove Model 18 PC

The 18PC pre 89 model use the CC-005 combustor. 6 inchs by 3 inchs with 25 cells per square inch, wrapped with a stainless steel can.

Item # CC-005 (ceramic): $140.00

Englander Stoves — 24 ACD/FC, 24 ICD, 24 JC, 50 SHW20, 50 SHW24/16, 50 SHW25, TRW 20, 50 TRW 24/16, 50 TRW 25

These stoves require a combustor that is 6 inches round by 3 inches thick, with 25 cells per square inch wrapped with CatGard Gasket, uncanned (no stainless steel wrapping).

Item # CC-006 (ceramic): $135.00


It is best to check your owner's manual or remove your old combustor to insure you are ordering the correct size. The Earth Stove product line was purchased by Lennox Company. They no longer produce catalytic woodstoves. We market replacement catalytic combustors and CatGard gasket, but do not offer other replacement parts for Earth Stoves.

If an error is discovered in this information, or you have additional helpful information about the installation of replacement catalytic combustors in your woodstove, please feel free to contact Carolyn Greene, Plant Manager at Condar's factory in North Carolina.

© Condar Company. All rights reserved. Images of combustors © Condar Company. Images of stoves © their respective manufacturers, used herein for consumer reference only. Prices and specifications subject to change.

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“After years of poor performance from my Englander stove, I installed a Condar combustor. Now my stove is putting out a lot more heat and working better than ever. I'm completely satisfied and appreciate the fast delivery!”

Randall Goss,
Vinita, Oklahoma