24-ACD, 24-FC, 24-ICD, 24-JC, 50-SHW16, 50-SHW20, 50-SHW24, 50-SHW25, 50-TRW16, 50-TR, W20, 50-TRW24, 50-TRW25*

These models can use a catalyst wrapped in stainless steel or one wrapped in gasket only.
Picture of the CC-005 combustor
  • 6" diameter x 3" thick
    (15 x 8 cm)
  • wrapped in stainless steel*
  • Item: CC-005 (ceramic)
  • $146
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picture of the CC-006 combustor
  • 6" diameter x 3" thick
    (15 x 8 cm)
  • wrapped in gasket*
  • Item: CC-006 (ceramic)
  • $141
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What Our Customers Are Saying:

"After years of poor performance from my Englander stove, I installed a Condar catalyst. Now my stove is putting out a lot more heat and working better than ever. I'm completely satisfied and appreciate the fast delivery!"

*Wrapped in stainless steel vs. gasket:

A welded strip of stainless steel can be wrapped around the catalyst, usually with a piece of gasket between the ceramic and the steel. Before substituting for the gasket only version, make sure that the catalyst housing can accommodate the extra thickness.

Note: Condar manufactures and markets replacement catalysts and CatGard gasket, but does not offer other stove replacement parts.