24-ACD, 24-FC, 24-ICD, 24-JC, 50-SHW16, 50-SHW20, 50-SHW24, 50-SHW25, 50-TRW16, 50-TR, W20, 50-TRW24, 50-TRW25*

These models can use a catalyst wrapped in stainless steel or one wrapped in gasket.
Picture of the CC-005 combustor
  • 6" diameter x 3" thick
    (15 x 8 cm)
  • wrapped in stainless steel*
  • Item: CC-005 (ceramic)
  • $149 Add to Cart
picture of the CC-006 combustor
  • 6" diameter x 3" thick
    (15 x 8 cm)
  • wrapped in expanding gasket*
  • Item: CC-006 (ceramic)
  • $159 Add to Cart

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"After years of poor performance from my Englander stove, I installed a Condar catalyst. Now my stove is putting out a lot more heat and working better than ever. I'm completely satisfied and appreciate the fast delivery!"

*Wrapped in stainless steel vs. gasket:

Catalysts that are noted as 'wrapped in expanding gasket' are wrapped entirely in expanding CatGard gasket, held on by tape that will burn off during heating. This gasket expands when heated, which increases the total space the catalyst takes up. The 'wrapped in stainless steel' catalysts are surrounded by a welded strip of stainless steel and do not require any additional gasket.

When choosing your replacement Englander combustor, use the gasketed version only if your catalyst receptacle allows enough extra room, after firing, for the CatGard expanding gasket to expand.